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Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the CLIL4ALL blog. We came up with this acronym because we are interested in how teaching and learning in a foreign language could be widened from something that is mainly targeted at the more privileged groups in society to include the majority of students at third level. This project includes five universities from Spain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Germany. We have accomplished scholars at Cordoba in Spain who have been researching and publishing on the topic of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) for many years. It is great to be starting this Eramus+ project CLIL4ALL with so many committed team members working so hard. This project is looking at how Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) operates at third level educational institutions. So, first we are starting with systematic research reviewing the literature that will inform us how CLIL is being best implemented at third level. We are also looking in our joint modules work package at how content teachers and language teachers collaborate to make studying and teaching in a foreign language a benefit to all involved (and not an obstacle or too great a challenge). We will also be developing a Best Practice Guide so that those currently involved in CLIL can reflect on their practice and experience and those contemplating starting a CLIL module or programme can learn from others’ experiences. CLIL is a flexible tool that can be used at different levels of language proficiency and in any subject field. We are holding our first workshop at HAN in the Netherlands on 25th/26th April 2023. We hope to see some of your there and will be reporting on events as they happen.

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