Shark Tank: An innovative pitching event using the CLIL approach, with a touch of gamification.
Written by Stephan Plat 
on 5. February 2024. 
 Karelia UAS and HAN UAS (University of Applied Sciences) Introduction In this project we create opportunities for students and teachers for Content and Language Integrated Learn...
Córdoba workshop retrospective
Written by Víctor Pavón-Vázquez 
on 30. January 2024. 
The second workshop of the CLIL4ALL project took place at the University of Córdoba (Córdoba, Spain) on November 8 and 10, 2023. The main purpose of this meeting was to continue advancing in the pr...
International Business Pilot at HAN UAS
Written by Ilse de Wit 
on 13. December 2023. 
As part of the CLIL4ALL project, HAN University of Applied Sciences is conducting two pilots this semester. The first pilot is our International Business Project, discussed in more detail below. In...
Piloting Sales and Negotiation Skills with CLIL Approach
Written by Varpumaria Jeskanen 
on 6. December 2023. 
Karelia University of Applied Sciences piloted content and language integrated learning (CLIL) in three international courses this autumn. All these pilots were part of the CLIL4ALL programme that ...
CLIL4ALL pilot implementations at Karelia UAS
Written by Varpumaria Jeskanen 
on 1. November 2023. 
One of the aims of the CLIL4ALL project is to develop and implement a team-teaching model for CLIL. The idea is that part of the course is taught and assessed in teams of a language teacher and a c...
International Week IUT & CLIL introduction in Saint-Etienne (UJM)
Written by Julien Strignano 
on 25. October 2023. 
The CLIL4ALL programme was presented during the International Week (16th – 19th October) at the Saint-Etienne IUT (Jean Monnet University) to all the students whose departments include specia...
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International CLIL conference in Sheffield
Written by John O‘Donoghue 
on 21. June 2023. 
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The Sheffield Institute of Education in England hosted the 4th Biennial International Conference on CLIL on 16-17 June 2023
International Staff Week CLIL talk
Written by John O‘Donoghue 
on 23. May 2023. 
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CLIL4ALL talk John O’Donoghue held a presentation during the TH Wildau International Staff Week that took place from 8 to 12 May 2023. This presentation was attended by eight of the seventeen gue...
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Training Teacher Methodology workshop retrospective
Written by John O‘Donoghue 
on 8. May 2023. 
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The workshop CLIL Training Teacher Methodology which was held at the HAN campus in Nijmegen in the Netherlands from 24 till 26 April 2023 was the first workshop of the CLIL4ALL Erasmus+ project. We...
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Welcome to our blog
Written by John O‘Donoghue 
on 5. April 2023. 
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Dear Colleagues,Welcome to the CLIL4ALL blog. We came up with this acronym because we are interested in how teaching and learning in a foreign language could be widened from something that is mainl...