International Week IUT & CLIL introduction in Saint-Etienne (UJM)

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Written by Julien Strignano
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The CLIL4ALL programme was presented during the International Week (16th – 19th October) at the Saint-Etienne IUT (Jean Monnet University) to all the students whose departments include specialised teaching in English.
Joint modules, best practices and the Blended Intensive Programme (planned for autumn 2024 in Saint-Etienne) were at the heart of the discussions, in which teachers from these departments also took part. Moreover, international guests from Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Lituania gave lectures about their research subjects focusing on a CLIL approach. 

This introduction enabled the CLIL4ALL programme local managers Julien Strignano and Muriel Fabrèges to give the students indications about the future activities and to justify the use of English or Spanish languages in their core courses : students from the industrial sectors will carry out technical projects in English and will then collaborate with the business students to promote them. 

During the presentation, students showed a real interest for the European programme and they are now looking forward to contributing to its concrete implementation.

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  1. Dear Julien,
    Thanks for your contribution. Seems like you and Muriel had a very interesting International Week with your European partners. I think it is always interesting when students from technical subjects collaborate with business students to learn from each other. Often they see things from distinctly different points of view but if they can learn from each other and complement each other it really can be a win-win situation. In the present climate offering students the opportunity to develop a European perspective is a wonderful opportunity for them to broaden their horizons beyond national frontiers. Looking forward to seeing how the programme develops in the future.

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