University of Córdoba

(Universidad de Córdoba)

Córdoba, Spain
The University of Cordoba (also known by the acronym UCO) is located in Córdoba, Spain. The UCO was granted charter in 1972, although its roots lie in Universidad Libre 1870. This young, mid-sized university (18,000 students, 1,400 teachers, 730 staff) is a dynamic institution that has successfully adapted to the current demands for excellence in teaching and proven scientific expertise. The UCO is a university that stands out for its agri-food and environmental expertise. This specialty is extended to the fields of Veterinary, Legal & Social Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities and Health Sciences.
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Project lead

Víctor Pavón-Vázquez

Further colleagues

Javier Ávila-López
International Coordinator
Cynthia Pimentel-Velázquez
Lecturer in Education
Antonio González-Mantilla
Statistician and Documentalist

Main outputs / deliverables / contributions in the project

The University of Cordoba will coordinate a systematic review addressing policy recommendations, top management practices, and regulations. The study will also analyse how CLIL may be developed , and the results will lead to the publication of a best practice guide on how to implement CLIL effectively in European HEIs.

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